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free binder printable pastel and black and white

Hello guys! It is no secret that I am a very messy person. Before my senior year in college, everything was a mess. I was always forgetting things, was late to my appointments, handing in my projects and papers late. Not only these, but my home was also very messy too. Then I decided to change things. Now I love to be organized as much as I can be, and this is why I designed a free binder printable for you. Down below, you can get your own copy of this pastel to do list printable and use it whenever and however you want.

I started using a single binder a few years ago. Nothing fancy. I downloaded many printables on Pinterest and used them in my binder. My life was still a mess, but it was actually an organized mess. I learned how to keep things in check with time. You can not trust yourself – or your brain, for that matter, to remember what you should be doing in a day. We are not programmed for it.

If you want to keep things organized, use any form of planner. To-do lists are actually very useful things, especially for busy people.

How to Download the PASTEL TO DO LIST?

This pastel to do list printable is in A4 format and available in .PDF and .PNG. Click the links below to download.

What Other Printables Do You Have?

There is also another to do list printable exactly the same as this one, but it is in black and white. Check that here.

If you want this printable in A5 format, please comment below and I will make that happen.

Have a good day!

Pastel To Do List

.PNG link .PDF link

I also made an exact same to do list printable of this one, but in black and white. Check that black and white to do list printable here.

Check out our other free printables here.

I also love this blog for their printables, and they have a printable for every occasion. Check them here.

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