My Minimalistic Morning Routine

Greetings from a former night owl, my dear reader. I am very humbled to see you reading my very imprecise, yet effective morning routine. Please take this advice with caution, as I know what I talk about only half of the time.

So, story time of why and how important morning routines have become for me.

You didn’t ask but I’m going to tell you. Yes, I was a very whiny baby. My mom said that I used to cry all the time. I still do, nonetheless. But it is for another post.

My mom also told me that I used to never sleep. Funny story -story in a story?-, my mother hired a baby sitter for help as she needed to work. That baby sitter, my mom came to realize, was giving me some kind of alcohol popular where I live for me to sleep because I was always up and crying. Several nanny cams and marked bottles later, the nanny was fired and my mom had to ask her sister to take care of me during the day.

This was the first incident that my f*cked up sleeping patterns got me into. And believe me, I am not lying.

When I was counted as an adult in front of the law but was acting like a child, I started college. You didn’t ask again, but I will tell you about those times too. I am trying to show a pattern here. Not like I am obsessed with sleeping schedules. So, in college, I was sleeping at different times each day. Yes, EACH DAY. I was always a night owl but felt like I got to stop at one point. First years in college was crazy, we were partying all the time. I was also missing lots of my classes – Hello my past F’s, thanks to you I suffer these days-. That schedule was killing me, and I was missing life. It was like I was only with people who had lives like me, parties like me and do nothing to contribute to, I don’t know, LIFE?

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You think that this story ends with a silver lining. No my friend, just no. I failed all my classes. For two years. I was also depressed, too. So you know depression causes insomnia and/or hypersomnia, and my sleep schedule was S*IT. I was tired all the time, wanted to do nothing etc. Etc. You know the drill.

After I used medication for depression and went to therapy, things got better, but not completely. Also, I wasn’t thinking that sleep was one of my main problems. I had so many that changing my sleep schedule wasn’t my main concern at that time.

I remember that my sister’s now-husband told me once that waking up early will solve my problems as I wasn’t doing anything because I wasn’t living in normal people’s hours. I didn’t even give any thought to that advice, and only now I realize what huge advice that was

Sleeping early at waking up early changed my mind greatly. Immensely. HUGE CHANGES. And I am not talking about those happy and productive people’s getting up early at 5 a.m. schedule. I am talking about waking up at 11 am. 10 sometimes. You might think that what I am writing doesn’t apply to you because you wake up at 7 am. But it does. I was waking up at 16.00 when I was depressed and/or partying. The classes were over. If I had something to do, I couldn’t because work-day was over at 17.00. I was waking up, ordering food, watching TV shows, going out and that was my whole day.

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Fast forward some years, I started waking up early. 12.00 at first, then 11.00 am. Now I generally wake up at 9 am. I am happy. There is no reason for me to wake up earlier as I am still a college student, but if I did, I think I coulda manage it. I even tried waking up at 5 am. challenge for a week – YAY.


What I realized when I started waking up early was the need for a routine. Because I don’t have much to do in a day, I tend to procrastinate. And if I start the day looking at my phone, surfing the web and checking out the social media, I realized quickly that that day was doomed. If I start a day by just being lazy, I get nearly nothing done that day.

That’s why I started making small changes. I first started drinking coffee. You see, I am one of those people that has a heart attack with a shot of espresso. Ah, the trembles, the shaking. Nice times. Whatever. I get out of the bed and make myself a coffee. While waiting for it, I get dressed. You guys, I am telling you: Choosing outfits for hours and doing make-up for literally half an hour days are behind me now. That kind of morning routine DOESN’T WORK. Just choose an outfit. Put on make-up, if necessary. Make the process faster. That is why I named it MINIMALIST MORNING ROUTINE. If I told myself that I will incorporate yoga into my morning routine every day, I know that I won’t do it. There are no benefits in setting up unrealistic goals here. When I was doing morning pages challenge, I realized I liked it, but there was no way for me to write 3 whole pages every day. It was so much time. If I promise myself that I will do morning pages every single day, I will be lying to myself. I’ll pass, thanks.

Anyway, coffee, clothes. Now comes personal hygiene. I don’t know if you shower in the mornings or at nights, but you keep doing you. After I shower, I do necessities. Brush, moisturize, put on contact lenses, do something quick with hair etc. Nothing out of the ordinary.

After these steps, I am pretty much ready. It helps so much that I have a very minimalistic and quick morning routine to get me going and leave the house. Before, it took hours. An after doing this routine many times, I saw that it doesn’t take me that long to get ready for other occasions, too. Now I get ready pretty quick even if I go to an important event.

There is another step I do, and it is kind of important for me. I call this THE BOOST. I need some kind of boost to get me going and start the day. It took me long time to realize this. I now listen to music when I am doing my morning routine, and it helps me so much. After I was out of the disgusting bubble that was depression, I realized that I didn’t know any music that came out past two years. I wasn’t listening to music at all and I LOVE listening indie music. So now I do. If your boost isn’t music, you can try many different things. You can try to look yourself in the mirror and give yourself compliments man, I don’t know. But I know that doing something that makes you happy every morning is good for your soul. Protect your soul and show it some love.

Oh, and somewhere along the line, I eat something. Do that too. I don’t want to specify that step because people have different dietary needs and some people don’t even have breakfast.

So here is my very small list.

  • Coffee
  • Get dressed/pick an outfit if you are going to shower
  • Personal hygiene
  • Eat, I guess?

For those of you who can’t pick an outfit:

  • Just choose something that won’t make you look like you are wearing a sack. Unless it is not the look you are going for. It took me some time to realize this but, literally nobody cares what I am wearing. I also don’t care what people are wearing.
  • It also helps to have a minimal, capsule wardrobe.

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