2 Different Meditation Techniques

Do You Need New Meditation Techniques?

It seems like the concept of meditation is everywhere, and everyone is talking about it. There are so many different meditation techniques and meditation types, and if you work hard enough you might find one that suits you. However, I rarely see people taking time off of their lives and sit and meditate. Why does everybody know that meditation is good for you, but nobody is doing it? 

The answer might be that, in reality, meditation is hard. Sitting still is something we are not accustomed to do

However, sitting meditation is not the only way to practice meditation. There are many different ways of meditating, and in this blog post, we will look into two of them.

These meditation practices are from the book “Meditation” by Osho. Osho was an Indian spiritual leader, philosopher, and teacher. In his book, he explains what meditation is, how it helps you, how you can meditate and many more things in a very detailed manner. Aside from sitting meditations, there are many different meditation techniques that will help you if you are someone who is energetic and finds “just sitting” impossible.  From that book, I chose two different meditation techniques to help you get out of classic meditation methods. Although these meditations also have parts where you sit, the focus is not on the breath and emptying the mind like classic meditation. However, like the classic sitting meditation, these different meditation techniques will help you find your “off switch” and still your mind. You can also find more than 20 meditation techniques in this book, I advise you to read it. 

Golden Light Meditation

Golden Light Meditation Image


When: In the morning, immediately after you wake up + At night, just before you sleep
Where: On the floor – if not comfortable, on the bed
How: Laying on the floor, as if you are sleeping
How Long: 2 sessions, 20 minutes each = 40 minutes total

Golden light meditation focuses on the sun and sunlight. In this meditation, you will meditate first thing in the morning, when you first see the sunlight. This is the time where you are half-asleep and half-awake. You can either meditate on the floor, lying down or on your bed. 

Focus on your breath for a moment. Then start with breathing in. When you breathe in, imagine a big, great light entering your body. Like there is a sun near your head, and the light tries to flow through you. 

Try to clear your mind and feel completely empty, other than the light. Become one with the light. Your focus should be on the light as if you are formed of it. The golden light enters your body through your head and travels through the body. Feel the light coming out of your body from your feet.

At you feel the light coming out, start breathing out. When you breathe out, imagine darkness coming in through your feet and going out through your head. 

This is a cycle: breathe in and feel the light entering from your head and coming out of your feet. Breathe out and feel the darkness entering from your feet and coming out of your head. 

Do this meditation for 20 minutes. There will be times where you feel like you will go back to sleep, but it does not matter because according to Osho, the effects of the meditation will linger in your sleep. So you don’t need to be actively seeking to stay awake in this meditation. One effect of this meditation is that it helps to calm you down and relax because it helps you to use your feminine energy. When you are imagining the darkness coming out of your head, you feel an energy rising, and this is your feminine energy. According to some, this energy is relaxing and comforting, and this is why Golden Light meditation can be used when you go to sleep as well. 
Before sleeping, repeat the same cycle above for 20 minutes. 

Nadabrahma Meditation:


When: Early hours of the morning
Where: Does not matter
How: A comfortable sitting position
How Long: 60 minutes

Nadabrahma meditation is an old Tibetan meditation technique done early in the morning, also called humming meditation. In the book “Meditation” by Osho, he suggests doing this meditation on an empty stomach. You can meditate by yourself or with other people, it does not matter. 

There are 3 stages of the Nadabrahma meditation.

1st stage: In the first stage, find a comfortable sitting position and close your eyes. Your mouth should be closed. Start humming loudly, with a voice that others can hear. This humming should start a vibration in your body, feel that. Visualize yourself as if you are a pipe, nothing inside of you other than the vibrations created by that humming voice. In this first stage, you will feel with time, that the humming generates itself and you are only a listener. If you want, you can start moving your body. The first stage takes 30 minutes to complete.

2nd stage: Second stage of Nadabrahma meditation consists of two parts, 7.5 minutes each. In the first part, move your hands in a circular motion with palms upward. Start with your hands in your belly, and start the circular motion towards outside, forward from your belly. The movement should be so slow, as if there is no movement at all. In that stage, visualize yourself giving energy to the universe. Turn your palms downward and move them in the reverse circular motion. In this part, move your hands towards your belly, opposite of the first part. In the second part, visualize yourself taking energy from the universe. Total time of the second stage is 15 minutes.

3rd stage: In the third stage of Nadabrahma meditation, sit completely silent and motionless for 15 minutes. If you don’t feel comfortable sitting, you can lay down. 

Nadabrahma meditation is also a good meditation technique for couples. Sit with your partner facing each other, and cover yourself with a bedsheet as if you are in a tent. Hold each other’s hands, your hands should be crossed. Osho says that in Nadabrahma meditation for couples, it is best to not wear anything. Lit 4 candles in the room and burn incense. This incense should only be used for this meditation practice and nothing else. Follow the three stages above, and feel as if your energies are uniting. 

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